Friday, April 15, 2016

Interesting Facts of Eagles

The eagle is a bird species which is unique compared to other birds. Eagle became one of the predators dangerous to other animals. When the eagle was about to prey prey, rarely separated from incarannya. This is because the hawk has a high cruising speed coupled with claws and strong traction.

In addition to high speed and strong traction, falcons have acute vision, even more sharply than those of humans. As predators, the eagle turned out to have a lot of interesting facts that you may not know. So what are the interesting facts of the eagle? Listen to the discussion below!

The following interesting facts from Eagles

Had the High Flying Speed

Eagle has an average speed of up to 300 km per hour when he flew in free space. This is done for the purpose of hunting falcons prey. But the more interesting of the eagle is during the migration season has arrived, they can move from one place to another even to the various parts of the world, it is amazing is not it. he

One Birds Set

Interesting facts from the next eagle is loyalty to the spouse. Eagle is one kind of animal faithful to their spouse. Most of the herd eagle only has one pair. Besides the eagle as well as in one of the animals that are difficult to breed. He will spawn within a period of 1 year, if the conditions allow.

To hatch from an eagle just takes a long time which takes hatch 40 to 50 days. In addition, eggs that incubate the eagle is also not too many that only 2 to 3 eggs per year. Therefore, currently many eagles bred to avoid extinction.

Has a Strong Part

The interesting fact is the next hawk eagles have powerful beaks. With the beak became one of the mainstays to help rip and catch prey. Part of hawks tend to taper to help catch and kill mangsannya. In addition to powerful beaks, as described above eagle also has a strong and sharp claws. With so eagle could gripping his catch so it was not easy to escape.

There are Many Types of Eagles

In this world the eagle has many kinds, in the country there are approximately 21 species of eagle whose existence is almost extinct. Besides the eagle itself is also very difficult to find existence.

Age Length

Eagle has a long enough age that is about 70 years. Just like humans, falcons old will be reduced their activities while in the air. Besides the eagle-old has a characteristic which fur tends to fall. It will happen ketuka eagle mamasuki age of about 40 years.

Saving nest in High Places

Eagle female will lay eggs by making a nest in places that tend to be high. Nest of hawks is deliberately located in a high place to keep children up to practice to fly alone.

Thus the earlier discussion on some interesting facts from the eagle could you know.


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