Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Places in Garut Most Famous

After the previous discussion to discuss the several tourist attractions in Dieng Wonosobo, the discussion this time will membahs on several tourist attractions in Garut most famous. If you want to walk in the vicinity of West Java and then you can try the streets to Garut and its surroundings. Garut is a regency in West Java which is surrounded by five mountain.

With so make the most of the area of ??Garut is a mountainous area, with the exception of the area around the beach that is located in the south of Garut. With a mountainous area certainly has the air is cool and refreshing. Well for you who are curious about any of the sights in Garut, see the discussion below!

Here Places in Garut Most Famous


Bagendit is one of the tourist attractions in Garut that you must visit. Bagendit is a lake located on Banyuresmi. Bagendit is a famous lake in Garut due to have a charm that is still beautiful, natural, and will awake clean. In these places tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the lake with the cool air. It also can play using boats, water bikes, fishing, and much more. Sights that this one is perfect for you who want to travel with friends or family.

Turkish Santolo

Tourist attractions in Garut next Santolo beach that is located in the district of Cikelet. Santolo beach itself is also a tourist spot in Garut which is also very popular. These attractions are also visited by the citizens of Bandung and outside the region. The main attraction of this beach is beautiful panorama with various supporting facilities are complete. Well for those of you who are looking for an atmosphere of silence then could make Santolo Beach as a tourist destination.


Tourism in Garut is the next most famous volcano. Volcano itself is a volcano whose name is also famous for nature lovers. Volcano is situated at a distance of approximately 70 km from the city of Bandung. The main attraction of this place is hot and also the crater. For the natural hot springs are believed to help in curing various diseases In addition, many nature lovers who climb the volcano.

Hot Water Cipanas

Tourist attractions in Garut next Hot Water Cipanas. Cipanas is the name of the area in Garut is famous for its thermal baths charm unspoiled. Hot Water Cipanas is located approximately less than 6 km from the city of Garut and approximately 50 km from the city of Bandung. Hot Water Cipanas visited by many tourists who want a comfortable nature and unspoiled. In this place also has a fairly complete facilities for tourists who will conduct tourist activities.

waterfall Orok

Orok waterfall where tourism is a waterfall in Garut that is equally good as a tourist places above. The name of the waterfall Orok itself comes from the stories of communities Garut who say that there was once mother who put the baby at this waterfall. Orok travel waterfall itself has a natural charm waterfall which has a height of about 45 meters as well as many tourists.

Thus was the discussion of several tourist attractions in arrowroot most famous and mandatory for you to visit.


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